How to Install Catalyst Theme for WordPress

Installing Catalyst Theme for WordPressCatalyst Theme for WordPress is one of my favourite themes due to its great flexibility and the relative ease with which you can implement a design.

Catalyst is a WordPress Framework which usually involves installing both a Parent Theme and a Child Theme.

When you purchase Catalyst, you get a complete framework that consists of the Parent Theme (Catalyst) and a Child Theme called Dynamik.

The Dynamik Child Theme is a pretty special one and a significant attraction of the Catalyst Framework package.

That’s because it allows you to easily adjust and configure virtually any aspect of the site’s style and design, easily, quickly and without needing to code anything.

Combined with the rich functionality included in the Catalyst Parent Theme that handles things like SEO, Page Layouts, Header, Menu and Footer Layouts, this WordPress Theme framework provides a great way to build the effective website you want more easily, simply and quickly.

It also provides easy to implement responsive design options if you wish, so that your site will work well on mobile devices too. 

Catalyst Theme is really an enormously powerful and flexible website builder that allows you a huge degree of freedom and input into how you design your site.

If you haven’t yet purchased it, you can obtain our Catalyst Theme FAST Start guide as a free bonus, along with our other guides to its functionality and how to establish a successful site with it at

In the following video we show you how to install the Catalyst Theme Framework once you’ve purchased it.



Video Transcription:
How to Install Catalyst Theme

Download Catalyst Theme

First we login to our Catalyst Membership Area, and download the file thats in the first post in the thread called Download the Latest Version of Catalyst.

When it’s finished downloading, extract the contents and you’ll see and These are the two files we’ll need next.


Install the Parent Theme (

So let’s login to the WordPress Admin Dashboard next and click on Appearance and then Themes in the left hand menu.

This shows the theme that’s currently installed. Now click on the Install Themes Tab at the top and then the Upload option.

Browse and locate the file we just extracted from the earlier bundle download and install that.

When it’s completed, return to the Themes page and we’ll see it as an available theme.




Install the Child Theme (

Instead click the Install Themes Tab at the top of the screen again, and then the Upload option again.

This time locate the file that was also extracted earlier and install that.

When that’s completed, you can either Activate Dynamik from the options shown there, or return to the Themes page where you’ll see it listed as an available theme.

Because Catalyst is a Theme Framework that uses Parent and Child Themes, it is the Dynamik Child Theme that you should activate and NOT the Catalyst Parent Theme.

When Dynamik has been activated, you’ll see a menu option for Catalyst appear on the left hand side which can be expanded to show the Catalyst Core options, the Dynamik Child Theme options and the Advanced options for the theme.

Then you’re ready to get to work with this amazingly flexible and powerful theme.

You can find out more about Catalyst Theme and how to use it by following the links below.

Click here for a review of Catalyst Theme and get a great bonus too.

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