Catalyst Theme Review

Catalyst Theme for WordPress has only been out for about five months at the time of writing (May 2011) but it’s already making big waves in the world of WordPress themes – attracting positive attention and rave reviews along the way.

Catalyst Theme

While there are several other better known themes with higher profiles and bigger user bases, Catalyst Theme is fast establishing itself as a major premium WordPress Theme.

So what is Catalyst Theme?

Catalyst Theme is a fully customizable and very powerful premium WordPress theme framework that can be configured to get pretty much any design implemented.

It’s a fully fledged design platform – not a take-it-or-leave-it theme template.

It is immensely configurable, but easily so too.

It’s deceptively simple, but powerful too.

And it doesn’t require coding to implement great designs either!!

Catalyst Theme Core Options

The Catalyst Theme framework determines what, and how, functionality is implemented. This is configured using the Catalyst Core options for things like:

  • SEO settings
  • Header options
  • Navbar content and configuration, location etc
  • Sidebar configuration – layouts, breadcrumb settings, content display options
  • Excerpts configuration – thumbnail settings etc
  • Comment Display options
  • Footer configuration
  • Scripts – for Google Analytics etc

Catalyst Theme Dynamik Child Theme Options

Child themes are then used to provide the design styling options for the site covering things like:

  • Fonts, types, colours, size etc
  • Border design – including rounded corners and shadows
  • Header design – including background images etc
  • Navbar styling – fonts, images, borders etc
  • Content – heading styles, padding, margins, lists etc etc
  • Widget styling
  • and much, much more….

The Catalyst Theme  package includes the Dynamik Child Theme which provides over 800 design options, all sensibly organised to enable you to style your site design easily.

Catalyst Theme Features

  • Super strong SEO (search engine optimization) options – built in!
  • Unlimited custom layouts – design different sections of you site how you like – without restriction.
  • Unlimited custom widget areas and hook boxes for total flexibility
  • EZ widgets for super fast widget areas and home page design
  • Shortcodes for super flexible widget designs
  • Drag and Drop CSS code builder. No need to code, just build the functionality for the design element concerned using the drag and drop CSS builder and it generates all the code for you. It’s straightforward and intuitive and removes any obstacles to designing a site how you’d like, not how you’re forced to.
  • 22 Dynamik Child Skins included which provide a great starting point form which to customise your own design
  • Great pricing – with three licence options (Basic, Personal and Developer) – each of which allows use on unlimited sites, including client sites!!


Using Catalyst Theme means you can develop great looking, professional quality sites more easily, more quickly and with less effort. That means you have more time to concentrate on what the site should really be about – content.

After all, that’s what anyone visiting the site will be interested in.


Catalyst Theme Bonus!

I like Catalyst Theme so much I’ve produced some bonus guides to accompany it.

Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet

Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet

Like the 250+ page Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet which will help you get the best from using the Theme and covers how to develop an effective site using Catalyst . One that is optimized for SEO, that gets visitor traffic and that helps fulfill your expectations of, and intention behind, the site, whether that’s revenue generation, lead generation, or spreading information to a wider audience.

Catalyst Theme FAST Start

Catalyst Theme Fast Start Guide

And the 160 page FAST Start guide shows you how to develop a WordPress site using Catalyst Theme from start to finish, highlighting most of the main functionality and options along the way.

This guide is designed to complement the Cheat Sheet guide shown above to shorten the learning curve and help you get up and running with Catalyst Theme as fast as possible!

You can find out more about all these bonuses for Catalyst Theme here.

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  1. Poul David says:

    About “Catalyst Theme” whatever you wrote here is really impressive. This theme seems to me divine. I would like to appreciate this theme. Thanks dude 🙂

  2. Mary Cate says:

    David. Please help. I am totally torn and confused between Catalyst and OptimizePress. Can I do in Catalyst what I could do in Optimize Press?

    • David says:

      Ha! Catalyst and OptimizePress are my two favourite themes!!

      In fact OptimizePress is just about the only other theme I use apart from Catalyst.

      To answer your query though…. yes, you probably can do in Catalyst what you can in OptimizePress, but I tend to use them both as appropriate to the circumstances as I think they both serve their purposes excellently…. 

      ….the graphics in OptimizePress and the layout/construction behind it are so good at it’s intended purpose for high converting sales page and name squeeze sites that I use that where relevant…

      …and I pretty much use Catalyst for everything else because it’s so easy to do so much with it!!

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