How to Backup WordPress Sites

Many people mistakenly think they are doing more than they really are when they backup WordPress sites.  

So, let’s just check..


You do backup your WordPress sites, right??


Although there are couple of very useful WordPress database backup tools available such WP-DB-Backup and WP-DBManager, they do just that – they only backup the content of the core database tables.

They don’t backup WordPress site components like plugins, themes and their settings etc.

Either of those backup plugins will allow you to backup and restore your database content and email the backup to you. This is a minimal WordPress Backup requirement. Do not avoid implementing a good backup system. Even a minimal one is better than none!

Maybe your WordPress theme also allows you to export its settings so you can save all those somewhere too.

And of course you’ll remember to do it regularly wont you?

It’s a good start and certainly better than nothing. But when the ‘you-know-what’ hits the fan, and you get that horrible feeling of hours of restoration work ahead, ask yourself if you really want all the hassle that lies ahead…

Like they often require that you know how to use things like phpMyAdmin in order to restore the database….. such fun!

And of course, good though these plugins are, many of them are only maintained and supported on a goodwill, best efforts, basis.

So free… But!

Consider the value of your WordPress site(s) to you.

I like free, but some things are worth paying for. This is one of them.


Using BackupBuddy to Backup WordPress Sites

A more powerful and flexible solution for backup of all files for a site is BackupBuddy. This will backup and restore a whole WordPress site, not just the database files.

That means all the SQL database, plugins, files, themes, scripts, widgets, and everything else in the WordPress database and directories.

The whole caboodle!

If or when you need to do a restore, it’s a relatively straightforward process. Just upload a script and the backup file to the host  and the whole content is restored – WordPress, your plugins as configured, widgets, themes – the lot!

  • Schedule backups on a daily/weekly/monthly basis etc, or trigger them manually
  • Save backups on as well as off the server
  • Download the backups to your computer or send them to Amazon S3, Dropbox, or FTP them, or email them


Backup One WordPress Site, Migrate it to Many

If like me you regularly launch new sites, the BackupBuddy plugin provides an invaluable time saving feature.

Create a template site that will be the basis for many similar sites. Configure it how you like. Install the plugins and configure them with your standard preferences. Install your preferred WordPress Theme, customize and configure it as you like. Basically do everything you would to a site to get it how you’d like every time such that all you’d have to do is start adding content.

Back it up with BackupBuddy.

You now have a “standard WordPress install” available for any new site you want to use it on.

Then use the migrate feature in BackupBuddy to effectively restore this template site onto any number of new domains in future. All the internal links will get updated as it does so, leaving you with a site that is ready to roll.

This is such a productivity booster. It probably saves 2 to 3 hours per site set up compared to doing it manually and ensures that nothing gets missed.

Using this same principle, you can build out an individual test site more completely if you wish, then when you’re happy with it, migrate the entire site to the proper live site – content and all. All updated and ready to go.


BackupBuddy – it’s a no-brainer!

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Backup WordPress Sites

Complete WordPress Backup, Restore and Migration


Find out more about how to backup WordPress sites here.


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