5 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress to Build Your Websites

Benefits of Using WordPress to Build WebsitesIf you’re about to get a new website built or re-design an existing one, then consider developing it around the WordPress platform (if you don’t already).

For many people, WordPress is synonymous with blogging, and indeed it is one of the most popular blogging tools available.

But WordPress is also a fully featured content management system that provides enormous power, flexibility and ease of use that makes it an incredibly popular and versatile option for building great looking websites for personal or commercial use.

WordPress powers websites all over the internet – from personal and small business sites through to large corporations.

Whether you’re looking to take the do-it-yourself option and build your own site, or to get it done for you by a web development company, check out some of the reasons below as to why we think you should use WordPress as the platform for your site.


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5 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress to Build Your Websites


This is David at Fast Step Internet Marketing with a look at why you should use WordPress to build your websites.

Ok, so maybe you’re thinking about getting a website for your business and wondering where to start.

Well, there’s lots of options out there for sure, but one option called WordPress has become more and more popular over the last few years and for many good reasons, some of which we’ll cover here.


It’s Free, and it’s Popular

WordPress is free which is cool – but free isn’t always good of course, such as if if the product quality or support is poor.

However, WordPress is absolutely massively popular with millions of sites using it and current statistics suggesting about 1 in 5 new sites is being built on this platform alone. That’s popular!

From personal blogs to huge corporate websites – WordPress is everywhere!

There’s also great support resources and forums to help you out.


Easy to Update and Add Content

Maybe, like many small business owners, you’re contemplating building your own site.

In that case, WordPress stands out as an excellent choice as it handles most of the complex “behind-the-scenes” stuff that makes a site hang together and work properly, and that you really don’t want to have to bother with.

It lets you get on with adding and publishing what’s important to you and your customers – which is good content!

Even if you’re getting your site designed and built for you, it makes a great deal of sense to request that it’s developed using WordPress.

Once it’s been set up, you can then easily edit existing content, or add new content using the straightforward options and editor that WordPress provides.

Perhaps you’ve heard other small business owners complaining that their sites need updating, but that they have to ask, and pay, and wait for, their web-developers every time they want to add something to it, or change something on it however small that might be.

With a WordPress based site you’re in much more control if that’s what you want.


Search Engine Friendly

WordPress is also Search Engine Friendly!

As well as making it easy to manage and add more and more content (and remember that Search Engines like content!), the way that WordPress sites tend to be structured makes it easy for search engines to find their way around your site and index it all.

Furthermore, a WordPress site generates an RSS feed that also helps Search Engines find and index your new content (and keep’s them coming back to find more).

And when you include images in your content, WordPress makes it nice and easy to include descriptive information about them too. Optimizing images for Search Engines like this helps them build a better picture (pardon the pun) of what the overall content is about.


Extendable Functionality

Out of the box, WordPress provides the functionality needed to publish and manage the content and media for your site. There is also a huge number of developers creating add-on products for it – from Themes to give your site an instant look and style, to plugins that provide an amazing variety of additional functionality – sliding images, contact forms, social media buttons, shopping carts and e-commerce….  many are free and others may cost, but there is no shortage of options available!


Engage With Your Visitors

WordPress also makes it easy for visitors to your site to comment on your content and for you to engage and build relationships with them as a result.

Once again, WordPress makes this easy and means that you as the business owner (or approved user) can make your website work more effectively for you and your business.



Let’s recap that:

1) WordPress is free, extremely popular, and well supported

2) You’re in control with easy content management

3) WordPress is very search engine friendly for better results

4) It has easy to extend functionality with ready made themes for design and plugins for functionality

5) You can engage and build better customer relationships with your visitors to the benefit of your business


We use WordPress for all our sites and you’ll find lots more useful information on it, and marketing online on this site.

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Thank you for watching.

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