Catalyst Theme Retires for Genesis Dynamik Website Builder

Catalyst Theme Retires for Dynamik Website Builder for Genesis

Well it’s been a couple of days now since WordPress Theme developer Cobalt Apps stunned its Catalyst Theme user base and community by announcing the product was no longer for sale and will not be maintained beyond the end of Dec 2014 [UPDATE – now extended, see end of post for update edit]. Instead of […] Read more »

How to Install Catalyst Theme for WordPress

Installing Catalyst Theme for WordPress

Catalyst Theme for WordPress is one of my favourite themes due to its great flexibility and the relative ease with which you can implement a design. Catalyst is a WordPress Framework which usually involves installing both a Parent Theme and a Child Theme. When you purchase Catalyst, you get a complete framework that consists of […] Read more »

5 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress to Build Your Websites

Benefits of Using WordPress to Build Websites

If you’re about to get a new website built or re-design an existing one, then consider developing it around the WordPress platform (if you don’t already). For many people, WordPress is synonymous with blogging, and indeed it is one of the most popular blogging tools available. But WordPress is also a fully featured content management […] Read more »

How to Install WordPress Manually

Post on installing WordPress manually

Since its ‘launch’ around 2003 WordPress has evolved into one of the most popular platforms to build websites upon with around 22% of new sites using it as the basis for their development. Although WordPress started as ‘just’ a blogging system, it has since developed into a full content management system enabling individuals, small businesses […] Read more »

Why Some WordPress Backup Solutions may not be as good as you think!

Disaster and Wordpress Backup Strategies

Hopefully you’ve already implemented some kind of WordPress backup solution – and if not, then you should. You never know when disaster might strike, or what form it might take! But even if you do backup your sites – ask yourself the following to see how effective your WordPress backup strategy really is: What is […] Read more »

Catalyst Theme Review

Catalyst Theme

Catalyst Theme for WordPress has only been out for about five months at the time of writing (May 2011) but it’s already making big waves in the world of WordPress themes – attracting positive attention and rave reviews along the way. While there are several other better known themes with higher profiles and bigger user […] Read more »

What’s the difference between and

When people first look at WordPress as a website platform, they usually notice that are two different versions of WordPress available – and – which can cause some confusion. Both are developed by the same organization, and both are free. Both are platforms which allow you to develop a blog or webpage based […] Read more »

Catalyst Theme Bonuses

Catalyst Theme for WordPress is my favorite theme for developing SEO friendly WordPress sites quickly and effectively. It’s a very design friendly theme which allows a H-U-G-E degree of flexibility that means you can do almost anything with it to get a site looking just how you like. In addition, almost anything you want to […] Read more »

How to Backup WordPress Sites

Many people mistakenly think they are doing more than they really are when they backup WordPress sites.   So, let’s just check..   You do backup your WordPress sites, right??   Although there are couple of very useful WordPress database backup tools available such WP-DB-Backup and WP-DBManager, they do just that – they only backup the […] Read more »