How to Increase Conversion Rates with Scarcity

Review o fScarcity SamuraiOne of the most persuasive methods that exists for getting people to take action more quickly is the use of scarcity.

Whether it’s a physical limitation on the number of items available, or a time limited special offer, the impact of scarcity increases the rate at which people who are, or might be, interested in a product take decisive action.

For example, you want to see your favourite band play at a local venue – there’s only so many tickets available – and the best and/or cheapest tickets will go first. Once they’re gone that’s it. There physically are no more to be had.

Or an airline has a bargain price ticket sale promotion running for 3 days. You know that when it’s over (or the plane is full), if tickets are still available at all, they’re at a much higher price than during the offer.


So, if you’re interested in the offer, you take the necessary action – and faster – to take advantage.


Scarcity Samurai is a WordPress Plugin that  lets you apply this same technique to your own sales campaigns and product offers too, quickly and easily, helping improve your conversion rates.

That might mean more sales conversions from your sales page or product launch.

It might mean increased sign-ups and email opt-in rates perhaps, depending on what the action is you want your visitors to take.


About Scarcity Samurai

It’s developed by the people at Noble Samurai – the same team who make the world leading Market Samurai keyword research software.

We’ve been using that software for several years now, and know they’re a good company that provide strong products and great support, so were happy to join in the beta testing program for Scarcity Samurai when we were invited to do so.

When we installed and reviewed this product we discovered it was easy to understand how to use it, easy to set up and easy to implement it – even though it was only a beta test version.


To show just how easy it is to use, we’ll take advantage of the fact that for it’s own launch week, it’s on a special offer that expires Midnight on 1st March 2013.

So, if you follow the link at the end of the next section, you’ll see how long there is remaining for you to get an introductory 50% discount on the price (or what happens afterwards!).


Setting Up a Scarcity Offer

(You can also click the link at the bottom to get a video version of this)

First we downloaded and installed the plugin – it’s just like most other WordPress plugins in that you just upload the zip file and activate it.


Installing the Scarcity Samurai Plugin


You’ll then need to complete the registration – entering the registration key you’ll have been emailed on purchasing it, after which you’ll get to the Scarcity Samurai Dashboard which is where you can easily set up your campaigns using the relevant campaign wizard.


The Scarcity Samurai Dashboard and Campaign Wizards


You have a choice of campaign types:

Single-Page campaigns – where the promotion is detailed on a single page, or Multi-Page campaigns where the promotion is detailed on a sequence of pages and/or emails that unfold over a number of days

For either of these options, you also have a choice of Fixed Date scarcity – where there is a set expiry date on an offer, or Evergreen scarcity – where the offer lasts for so long after someone visits your page, or sign up to your list.


In our case, the launch offer for the product expires at a given time, and we have a single page to promote it, so we’ll choose the Fixed Date Scarcity (Single Page Campaign) Wizard.


Following the Wizard through its simple to follow steps, first of all we give the campaign a name:


naming the scarcity campaign


Then we choose the page on our site that we’d like to add our scarcity element to (or create a new page if we don’t already have one):


choose the page to have the scarcity campaign applied


We set the expiry deadline for the offer and what happens when the countdown gets to zero and the offer has already expired:


Setting the expiry date


Then we decide where we’d like the scarcity banner to be placed on the page, and what action we’d like to occur if the banner itself gets clicked on:


Scarcity Samurai Banner Configuration


And that’s about it – we can go look at our page now, and check that it’s all set up, ready for action.


Completing the Scarcity Samurai Setup


If we want to change anything, we can easily edit the settings using either the Plugin’s Dashboard (accessed from the WordPress Admin Menu), or from the Scarcity Samurai settings provided when we edit the page itself in WordPress as shown here:


Scarcity Samurai Settings on a WordPress Page


So that’s all there is to it. A highly effective and very, very easy way to improve conversion rates by adding scarcity to your offers and promotions, and all without the need for any coding.



Whether or not you see this review of Scarcity Samurai in time to take advantage of the launch offer by 1st March 2013, it’s a great product that works well and that can be configured to suit a multitude of uses – from one-time single page offers with an absolute deadline to evergreen multi-page sequences relative to an initial expression of interest.


That means you can:

      • Increase Conversion Rates
      • Increase your sales and/or
      • Boost opt-ins to your list


Simply, easily!


See It Working in Action HERE

Click here (or the image below)
to see the the Page we just added this to
and where you can also get more details of the


Example of WordPress Page with Scarcity Offer

 See Scarcity Samurai in Action Here + Special Launch Offer Details



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