Overview of the BackupBuddy WordPress Backup Plugin

Overview of BackupBuddy WordPress Backup PluginBackupBuddy has long been one of our favourite WordPress plugins.

Since its launch in early 2010, it has rapidly established a huge sizeable customer base because it does what it does very well.

It backs up entire WordPress Websites – everything! 

Not just the WordPress Database and not just your content…

But everything else you’ve configured too – WordPress, your theme, your plugins and more.

Everything you’ve spent time and effort to create and adjust until it’s just how you like it.


And that makes it very easy to restore should anything untoward happen to your site.


Here’s a brief 3 minute video that provides an overview of its main functionality. Underneath is a special offer code that will get you a nice discount for it too!





Video Transcript:
Review of BackupBuddy


Hi this is David at Fast Step Internet Marketing with a review of backup buddy and why I think it is such an essential plugin for virtually any WordPress Website.

Everyone knows they should backup their sites…  Not everyone does it though.

OR maybe they’ve do something basic, but haven’t thought about the day they might have to restore for real.

Like when an upgrade doesn’t go to plan, or the WordPress database gets corrupted, or the site gets hacked.

When it happens, its stressful – your site is down and your visitors aren’t seeing what they’re supposed to!

So you don’t want to spend lots of time restoring databases, rebuilding content, then reinstalling and configuring the theme and all the plugins etc. What you want is a fast, simple, easy to use solution.

Fast so that downtime for your site is kept to a minimum. Simple and easy to use so that you don’t make mistakes along the way.

That’s why I like and strongly recommend BackupBuddy for WordPress.

It’s a neat plugin that’s easy to configure and takes care of everything easily and simply.

BackupBuddy backs up EVERYTHING! The database, your content, images and media files for the site. It also backs up all your WordPress settings, the theme and all its configurations and settings, along with all the plugins you’ve installed and configured.

Everything! The ENTIRE site. 

You can include extra non-WordPress tables etc if you need, and also exclude directories and folders you don’t want included in your backup (such as temporary folders etc).

As well as triggering a backup manually, you can also set a backup schedule so that it takes regular backups automatically. You can schedule different types of backup to occur at different intervals – say a full backup once a month and a weekly backup of the database only perhaps – whatever best suits how quickly the site changes.

Once it’s made the backup file you can decide where to store it. So you can save it to places like Amazon S3, Dropbox, Rackspace Cloud, an FTP server, you can email them or even download them to your own desktop.

And you can decide how many previous copies should be kept so you keep control of the storage space they consume.

It’s straightforward to set up. Should disaster strike and you need to restore your site from a backup, then that’s simple too.

Just upload the backup file and a small script file to your site and then BackupBuddy does the rest. There’s no need even to re-install WordPress first. It’s that slick!

In a few minutes, your site will look just as it did before and your visitors will once again be seeing what you expect them to.

BackupBuddy is an effective and very easy to use WordPress Backup Solution. It ensures your site can be restored quickly and easily without losing all the time, effort and hard work you’ve invested in your sites.

And you can use it to clone and migrate sites too – just as easily.

BackupBuddy allows you to restore the backup file from one site to a new domain. So you can take a copy of one site and use it as the basis for a new site. BackupBuddy takes care of all the URL and path changes…

BackupBuddy is a great utility that has saved me countless hours of time, both in restoring sites that I’ve accidentally messed up and in cloning new sites.

Click the link below to find out more and to get details of a special offer for it.



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