More Reasons to use BackupBuddy

Backupbuddy Features and Functionality ReviewSince its release a few years ago, BackupBuddy has established itself as one of our favourite WordPress plugins.

In fact it’s always one of the first to get installed on any new site we make.

We’ve covered many of the reasons you need to backup your sites in previous posts which range from simple mistakes that you might make and need to recover from, through to recovering from site corruption and hacking etc.

BackupBuddy is our preferred choice of WordPress backup solution (along with hundreds of thousands of other site owners) because:

    • It’s reliable
    • It’s straightforward to set up
    • It backs up absolutely everything related to the WordPress site – the database, the theme, plugins and all their settings
    • Which makes restoring a site easy and straightforward, minimising the time your site is unavailable
    • Management of backups – scheduling, email notifications, off-site storage etc – is comprehensive yet simple
    • Migrating/cloning sites with BackupBuddy is easy


In a previous post we provided an overview of BackupBuddy (including this video).

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Since then the development of this plugin has seen more extremely useful features and functionality added, which along with the addition of comprehensive documentation now makes it even more simple and easy to use.


  • For example, there is a Quick Setup Wizard to help guide you through the main configuration settings after installing BackupBuddy, such as:

Email Notification Settings
Password for restoring and migrating backups
Backup Storage Locations
Backup Scheduling


  • You can now also view and restore individual files and directories in a backup archive (which is great if you want to restore say, an earlier version of a css style sheet, but not restore the whole site to a previous backup version – or even just to view the contents of an ‘old’ file to see what’s changed etc).

Individual File View and Restore FeatureView and Restore Individual Files


  • The interface for excluding particular files, folders and/or databases has been improved to make it easier to exclude things like temporary directories, cache data directories, web host stats data files (or make them part of a different backup profile).

Excluding Files From Backup ScheduleExcluding Files from a Backup Schedule


  • BackupBuddy also now includes an extensive Server information page to help you get a picture of your site, its directories and their sizes, to help determine what might be good to exclude from the backup (or make the subject of a different backup profile).

Server Information in BackupBuddy

Directory Information in BackupBuddyBackupBuddy Server and Directory Information


  • Talking of profiles, BackupBuddy allows you to create different backup profiles enabling you to backup different parts of your site according to different schedules if you wish – so smaller, faster, more regular backups for one part of your site – larger, more infrequent backups for other parts as you see fit.
  • You can also have separate and customised recipients, subject and body text wording for email notifications for the different stages of the backup process (Backup Started, Backup Completed and Error notifications).

Customised Email NotificationsCustomised Email Notifications


  • There is also a whole host of improvements that have been made regards off-site storage options with better integration with Dropbox and Amazon S3 and better handling of large backup files (sites aren’t getting any smaller right?).
  • If you don’t want to set up a Dropbox or Amazon S3 account, an alternative off-site storage option called BackupBuddyStash is provided with 1GB of storage included free of charge (at time of writing)
  • When it comes time to restore a backup, that’s been made easier too. When you need to restore or migrate (clone) a site, just provide the cPanel login details for the site and BackupBuddy will connect to it and create the database and permissions for you.


Since purchasing it in 2010, we’ve seen BackupBuddy steadily add features and functionality over time to become the mature, sophisticated and comprehensive product that it is today. Just as importantly we feel, is that attention has been paid to ensure the user interface allows it to be used easily and effectively by anyone capable of building a WordPress website.


If you don’t already have a good Backup solution in place then you should (you absolutely should), and in our view BackupBuddy is a great piece of software for this task.


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