Recommended Internet Marketing Products

Our aim on this site is to help you achieve success with internet marketing. Perhaps that means implementing an idea for a website, or improving a website for your own organization, or developing your own internet marketing business itself.

It will almost certainly be the case that, at some point, one or more tools will be necessary to help you accomplish this. 

The following products are highly recommended internet marketing products to help you build an internet based business more quickly and more effectively.

Some of them are free, others are paid for items.


Keyword Research

A free, and a totally invaluable, keyword research resource is the Google Keyword tool

Market Samurai is a simply superb, must have, keyword research and analysis product.

It’s also well worth visiting their site for their free “Dojo” section on keyword analysis alone.

Tip – there is a free trial of MarketSamurai available for download – if you buy it within 7 days of download you get a discount of approx 30%.


Website Domain Names

Namecheap is recommended for consistently great low prices, for good service and being very easy to use with a nice admin panel.

You also get an option of free WhoisGuard for the first year with most domain name purchases (so you cut down on spammy email requests about the site ownership etc).

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Website Hosting

Hostgator provide some great value website hosting solutions.

Their hosting packages include the highly recommended cPanel as the admin interface, they deliver great support, and it just seems to work with everything with less hassle.

Click here to find out more about web hosting options or click here to get the best HostGator Coupon Code for a BIG discount.



WordPress provides a super, SEO friendly, platform for designing websites with regularly updated content and/or visitor feedback. It’s free and you can download WordPress here.

How your WordPress site looks will depend on the WordPress Theme you choose to use with it. The Catalyst Theme for WordPress gives you easy and total control over how every aspect of your site looks simply and easily (no coding required) and helps optimize it for search engines too!

Check out this Catalyst Theme Review and get a Fantastic FREE Bonus offer too with it.


WordPress Tools and Resources


Backup for WordPress

BackupBuddy enables you to backup the COMPLETE contents of a WordPress site – not just the database as some plugins do. It backups up absolutely everything including the theme, all the plugins, settings and configurations and of course all the content.

Using BackupBuddy also means you can create a site configured as you wish, back it up, and then MIGRATE it to a new site with all the internal links updated. It’s a great time saver if you make several sites and want a ‘standard’ base template to work off with everything pre-configured.

There is more on BackupBuddy and how to backup WordPress sites here along with details of our exclusive BackupBuddy Coupon Code here.

WordPress Security

Having built a site, the last thing you want to happen is to lose it! This is a pretty neat inexpensive guide to securing and protecting a WordPress site – better to prevent it than have to fix it! There are some good recommendations in it with clearly laid out and easy to follow methods to strengthen your sites.

Another handy (and free) plugin to improve security is WP Login Lockdown which helps prevent automated login attempts.

Dealing with spam comments etc is a pain and can be greatly reduced using a plugin like Akismet or, what I prefer, WP SpamFree which is also free.

WordPress SEO

Although my favourite WP Theme, Catalyst, includes pretty much all the SEO options you need, the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast is fast establishing itself as a favourite and includes several nice extras too…like a Sitemap Generator and RSS Tools.

If you decide not to use Yoast, then an XML Sitemap Generator is recommended to help give the search engines some help finding their way around your site in which case, this XML sitemap generator is pretty much a standard for many people.

Social Bookmarking

People like sharing good content so a plugin like Sexy Bookmarks makes that easy – and is kind of fun and slinky too.

You can see it in use at the bottom of posts on this site (and although I choose not to, you can also add them to Pages too).

Contact Form

Providing a Contact form makes it easy for people to contact you – and means you don’t have to publish an email address (which can be harvested by spammers etc). One of the more popular contact form plugins is Contact Form 7.

It’s simple and easy to set up (and can be more extensively configured if you want).

Sign up Forms

One for the braver souls here…. The lightbox Opt-in form plugin.

You want people to notice your newsletter or special offer sign-up form – so this plugin darkens your site after a few seconds and puts a sign up form right slap-bang over the screen.

Is it subtle? No! – Is it effective? Yes!

Some people really don’t like it, but this technique does work and can have a dramatic (positive) effect on sign up rates! It can be set for different levels of “intrusiveness” – like once per visit, once per page view etc… Your call!! You will probably have encountered it on this site.



Sometimes you need a great image or two, or several. 

A great source of stunning images, photos, graphics is .
You can buy on a ‘pay as you go’ basis, or purchase credits to be used as and when required.


One regular request is how to make a gallery of images rotate, or fade through each other.

There are many options available for this, some free, others not.

For a free option, try WP-Cycle. It provides good basic slideshow functionality with a number of transition effects, like fade etc. Each image can also be linked to its own URL.

If you use the Catalyst Theme for WordPress mentioned above, then you also get free access to the more advanced Nivo Slider plugin for use with your Catalyst Sites. If you don’t use Catalyst Theme (or for non-Catalyst based sites) then you can get the Nivo Slider here.

A further recommended option is the PluginBuddy Developer suite which includes the DisplayBuddy suite of 9 image and text display effect plugins for slideshows, carousel effects, billboards, rotating images/text and more. The Developer Suite also includes BackupBuddy mentioned above, along with additional useful plugins.

The licence covers unlimited sites and the coupon code D10FRIENDS-25 will apply a 25% discount to the price at their purchase page.


Email List Management

Effective email list management of opted-in subscribers can add huge value to your business, enabling you to build a valuable asset along the way.

One of the leading products for automated email and subscriber management is AWeber. Using a service like this can help establish and build lasting client relationships that carry on creating value for both you and your clients.


Password Management

Managing multiple passwords is a pain… and when you have several sites to maintain, lots of forum memberships, bookmark sites, Web 2.0 logins, product logins etc etc it can get to be a nightmare.

Roboform was originally developed for use on Windows and 1Password for use on Mac.

Both now work on either. Both are highly recommended.

Roboform Details
1Password Details

Probably the best few dollars you’ll spend to get the biggest quickest return – a Huge timesaver.


Planning & Productivity

Mindmap software can really help crystallize thoughts and processes to assist in planning out a variety of activities.

This is one of the original and best Mindmap software packages where you can get a basic version Free as well as more feature rich options (I started with the Elements version which is great for most purposes, although I now use the Ultimate version – just because I use it so much)

A nice freebie is to check out and then implement the Pomodoro technique which helps focus effort into super effective time-slots.