BackupBuddy Coupon Code

Those of you who have read my previous post on how to backup your WordPress site will know that I am a big fan of the BackupBuddy Plugin.


BackupBuddy Coupon Code

Because I like it and recommend it so much, I have now got a super discount BackupBuddy coupon code available for anyone who would like to buy this handy plugin too.

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Backup WordPress Easily


Brief overview of BackupBuddy


Backup Functionality

Other WordPress database backup tools like WP-DB-Backup and WP-DBManager are great but they only backup the content of the core database tables. They don’t backup the other components of the site like plugins, themes and their settings etc.

The BackupBuddy WordPress Plugin is a much more powerful and flexible solution that backs up all of the files for a site not just the database files.

It will backup all the SQL database, all the plugins, all the files, themes, scripts, widgets, and anything else in the WordPress database and directories for the site. Everything!

If (when!) you need to restore, it’s a straightforward process to do so. Just upload a script and the backup file to the host  and the whole content is restored as it was configured.

As you’d maybe expect you can schedule backups on a daily/weekly/monthly basis etc. Or you can fire one off manually.

You can save backups on, and off, the host server.

You can also download the backup files to your own system and/or send them to Amazon S3, or FTP them, or email them elsewhere for maximum safety.


Migration Function

You can also use BackupBuddy to backup one template site and then restore it onto a new site – all ready to go!

I regularly create new sites, so I use BackupBuddy to speed up the process of all setting them up.

Create and configure a template site by installing the theme and plugins you use as standard, customised and configured to your regular set of preferences more or less up to the point where the site starts to become unique each time (e.g. when you start creating new pages and posts etc). Any standard pages, like privacy and disclaimers etc, can all be included too.

At that point – back it up with BackupBuddy.

You now use this backup as a “standard WordPress install”  for any new site you want to use it on.

Using the migration feature in BackupBuddy let you restore this template site onto any number of new domains in future with all the internal links being updated as part of the restore.

You’re left with a new site set up and configured that just needs the content adding and any design changes you want to make. But all the tedious work of installing and configuring plugins and doing the same stuff you do every time you create a new site is pretty much taken care of by BackupBuddy!


Here’s the BackupBuddy Coupon Code Again


Backup WordPress Easily

Complete WordPress Backup, Restore and Migration

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