In Depth Interview with Eric Hamm on Catalyst Theme and Dynamik Website Builder for Genesis

Eric Hamm on Catalyst Theme and Dynamik Website Builder for GenesisIn this post, I’m delighted to be joined by Eric Hamm, the developer of the well received Catalyst Theme and latterly, the Dynamik Website Builder for Genesis, for a truly in-depth interview.

The Catalyst Theme Framework for WordPress has been getting some attention in the news recently as the developer, Cobalt Apps, owned by Eric, announced the retirement of Catalyst and a transition path for its customer base to his other product that evolved from it, the Dynamik Website Builder, which is a Child Theme designed for the Genesis framework (and so previously a competitor to Catalyst!)..

That news marked a significant change in development focus for Cobalt Apps and caused quite a stir in the Catalyst and wider WordPress communities.

There is an earlier post we made detailing the implications of the change from Catalyst to Dynamik here (opens in new window).


Everything Covered – No Punches Pulled!

In a fascinating interview that left few if any stones unturned, Eric answers all the queries and concerns I could throw at him.  

The interview covers everything from the beginning of Eric’s online journey around 2008 through to today and what lies ahead for Catalyst and Dynamik customers alike.

You’ll discover where Eric’s passion for development lies, why he made the decisions and choices he has over the last few years, and how he sees the way ahead for his business and customers.

We discuss the origins of Eric’s first website business, his first theme for WordPress (called frugal) and how that evolved into the Catalyst framework and the issues faced in establishing it against competition.

Then we get into the harder questions – the reasoning behind the move to developing a child theme for a different platform than his own, how he thought that would be received by his own loyal customer community, the Catalyst retirement announcement, what working with a competitor means, the impact on users, the way ahead and much much more…

It’s a frank and revealing no-fluff interview with no holds barred and no punches pulled.

If you’re a customer of any of Eric Hamm’s products (and even if you’re not -yet!), this is a must listen to interview! 

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