Internet Marketing Business Resources

Like many internet marketers, I enjoy the benefits of running my business from home in a way that suits me. I often get asked about stuff I use in my business and/or would recommend to others. The Products and Services Pages detail items specific to Internet Marketing. Here I’ve put together a selection of some of the other items and materials that anyone running their own internet marketing business may find useful.

Chances are you either already run, or intend running, your internet marketing venture from home. While it may be possible to set up and start dabbling with running a business from your dining room table, you should get serious if you mean to be successful.

Creating a dedicated office space without distraction is probably one of the biggest initial steps you can take. It can also be a big contribution in developing your mindset into that of a successful business person.


Hardware for a Home Office


Get a Decent Computer with a BIG Screen

If you’re thinking about a replacement seriously consider an Apple. I found the transition from PC to Mac straightforward. I know several other people have made the same move and not one regrets it! The increase in productivity and ease of use easily justified the cost.

What type of Mac depends on your business and how you work. If you’re primarily or exclusively based in one place then I’d recommend the larger 27 inch screen iMac. Unless you’re big into heavy computational stuff then you probably don’t need the most powerful machine if you want to keep the cost down.

If you travel, visit clients or just need to be mobile then a MacBook makes more sense. A 15″ screen is a good compromise between portability and ease of use.

Backup Backup Backup!

Just do it! Having all your data in one place is just asking for trouble. Backup to at least two places. If you only backup to one place and either the computer or backup disks fail then you only have one copy again! Use external disk drives for backup and keep them in different locations in case of fire or flood. Backup to an online service like Mozy. Whatever you do – just backup.

Wireless or Non-Wireless Network

Although the NetGear DGN2000 has so far proved to be a good wifi modem/router that was simple to set up and then forget about, my home gives the wifi signal a hard time due to thick stone walls and floors and a difficult layout to bounce the signal around. These NetGear Powerline Adapters turn your building’s electrical circuits into a network and any of the power outlets into an internet connection point. Very neat, very fast, very easy!

All-in-One Printer Scanner Copier Fax

The All-in-One HP OfficeJet J6410 has served me well. Easy for printing, copying, scanning and faxing. Pretty straightforward to set up too. (This model has now been superceeded by the J6500).

A Decent Chair

You’ll spend hours in it. Get a good one – like this!


Clarify your projects and objectives and keep a permanent reminder of your goals.

Flip Video Camera

Many marketers use these for making quick videos for YouTube, websites etc etc. Neat and easy. Tripods available as an option.


Recommended Reading

Ok, this doesn’t always go down well, but refresh, retrain and expand your mind as you go along. Often you don’t have to read them all the way through – just dive in and read a chapter. This is just a selection of goodies – the Jay Abraham, Tim Ferris and Dale Carnegie books are particular faves, but don’t limit yourself….