Should I Get More Than One Version of my Website Name?

Many people and business owners spend a lot of time trying to decide what domain name (website name) they should get, when perhaps they should instead be asking “Should I get more than one version of my website name?”

The answer in most cases is…




There are several outstanding reasons for doing this.


Own More Virtual Real Estate with More Website Names 

First, if you have a sound basis for wanting a website name in the first place such as good product name, business name, business idea, brand or even your own personal name, then why not own as much of the virtual real estate associated with it yourself. It prevents anyone else confusing the marketplace for you.

Many website owners that have bought only a .com variation of their product or business name have subsequently found themselves out-ranked in the search engines for their own name by resellers, affiliates and even competitors using a different variation of their domain name.

Although you might not object if they are promoting your business and products, it can be confusing for visitors and dilute the effectiveness of your own branding message.


Capture More Traffic with More Website Name Variations

Secondly, many people also type a website name straight into their browser. Often they will add .com or their local country domain – for example at the end.

If you own both, or several , you’re making sure you don’t miss out on that kind of traffic.


Get Multiple Search Engine Rankings

Thirdly, you can develop a web-site for each one of the domain names. This could result in getting more than one, and possibly several, entries in the search engines for the same search term if the sites follow a similar theme and are all appropriately optimised for search engines.

If you choose this method, you need to be aware of avoiding duplicating content though as Google can penalize web pages and sites that it deems to be duplicating existing content from elsewhere.


Buying and Using Multiple Website Names Effectively

Obviously there is additional cost in purchasing more than one domain website name, and you may not be bothered about some of the variations available.

It can make sense to purchase the .com, .org and .country version of a particular website name though if you want to safeguard or maximise use of a name.

If you wish, you can automatically redirect visitors from most of the sites to your main site, or develop individual sites for each domain name, or use a technique with iframes to ‘replicate’ one site within another, adding a little extra content behind the scenes to give it a little individuality to the search engines.

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