Should I Get More Than One Version of my Website Name?

Many people and business owners spend a lot of time trying to decide what domain name (website name) they should get, when perhaps they should instead be asking “Should I get more than one version of my website name?” The answer in most cases is…   Absolutely!   There are several outstanding reasons for doing […] Read more »

What is the Best Domain Name to Get for a Website?

There are two main aspects when considering the best domain name to get for a website which are the domain ending (.com, .org etc) and the purpose of the website. Let’s have a look at these in greater detail. What is the Best Domain Name Ending for a Site First, you might want to give […] Read more »

What is Web Hosting?

To answer the question “What is Web Hosting?” let’s first look at how hosting works and then some of the typical options for hosting websites.   So, What is Web Hosting? A web hosting server is a computer that is permanently connected to, and available through, the internet. It provides the disk space to store […] Read more »

Just What is Internet Marketing?

The answer may surprise you….   Is Internet Marketing a Scam – is it dodgy?? When someone asks me what I do for a living my reply is “Internet Marketing”. The majority of the time you see a flicker of bewilderment and non-comprehension, or possibly a nod and a “ah-huh” to cover that they haven’t […] Read more »