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WARNING – THIS SPECIAL OFFER EXPIRES on Friday 14th September 2012 at MIDNIGHT (Pacific Standard Time).


This is a fantastic time-limited offer for Market Samurai, the superb and highly regarded tool that helps you do better keyword research and monitor how well your site performs for them.

I’ve been a big fan of this product ever since I bought my licence for it back in 2009 and still use it now. It is a hugely popular product and, if you don’t already have a licence for it, now’s the time to get it at the best rate it’s ever been offered at.

Market Samurai automates an otherwise tedious and laborious process and lets you perform in-depth keyword research to analyse a market and the competition you might be up against in the search results – quickly and easily.


Market Samurai Keyword Research ToolMarket Samurai Keyword Research Module in Action


So, here’s the deal that’s on offer – but only until 14th September 2012:


First (and there’s more to follow below) – You get almost 50% HALF PRICE DISCOUNT off the retail price of Market Samurai..

Given that the retail price of Market Samurai is $149, users who take advantage of this deal will be getting the full version of the product for just $75! 

And that’s for the full product – and that’s a ONE-TIME ONLY FEE! 

It’s always had a fantastic licencing policy that means NO RECURRING MONTHLY FEES..…  

And please note that Market Samurai has NEVER BEFORE been offered for Half Price. EVER!

Complete. Bargain.

Market Samurai – Get it Here – Only $75

Market Samurai Offer Button 

That’s great value alone just for Market Samurai’s Keyword Research and SEO Competition modules which will help you find the best keywords for your site.

Keywords that:

    • Are relevant to the content you provide (or want to provide)
    • Have good levels of traffic
    • You can reasonably compete for 
    • Have good commercial intent 


Using these modules in Market Samurai means you can research your market and identify the most profitable areas to address, with a plan to target specific keywords instead of rushing in and hoping for the best.

That in itself means Market Samurai is likely to be a great investment for you – at full price, let alone the deal on offer….

But… There’s more, because it’s more than just a Keyword Research tool….


Market Samurai Can Also Track Search Engine Rankings for your Keywords, Automatically!

Market Samurai Rank Tracker Results

Also included in this great offer is a FREE 50 keyword Rank Tracking plan that enables you to monitor how your site’s pages rank in the search engines for your most important keywords (and you can track multiple domains and social properties that you control for any and each of those keywords).

Each week it automatically checks and updates the position of your specified pages for the keywords concerned, and emails you to alert you to the update. You can check the results any time of course, and modify URLs and keywords as you wish.


This FREE plan has FIVE TIMES the standard keyword quota of the free plan which other Market Samurai customers get.

To track this many keywords using similar services would cost up $270 per year, and you get it FREE!

Rank Tracker CampaignsTrack Multiple Keywords for Multiple Campaigns


And finally – If you need to track the search engine results for more than 50 keywords this special offer also ensures you also get a further LIFETIME 50% half-price discount on all higher keyword options for the Rank Tracking plans.

In other words you’ll also be locking in a 50% discount on any higher keyword plans if you want to upgrade your Rank Tracker plan at any time in the future! 

Currently for example, a 100 Keyword Rank tracking plan is $10 per month, so you’d get it for $5/m instead, and other plans that rank upto 2500 keywords/month can be obtained at 50% off with this offer too should you need.


So, don’t miss out on a bargain – take advantage of this offer before 14th September 2012 and get:

  • Market Samurai at almost 50% off – for only $75 one-off licence fee
  • And a FREE 50 Keyword Rank Tracker Plan included
  • And 50% discount lifetime lock-in on other rank tracker plans in future.



This Market Samurai Special Offer
is Only Available
Until 14th September 2012


Find out more and take advantage of this super offer today..
..before it’s too late!

Market Samurai Offer ButtonMarket Samurai – Get it Here – Only $75 





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